Stuffed Animal Pet Adoption and Reading Practice

Stuffed Animal Pet Adoption and Reading Practice

Stuffed Animal Pet Adoption and Reading Practice

At Schofield Early Childhood Center, they, "Adopted," stuffed animals as pets and then practiced reading aloud to them! The students found that if they pretended they were reading to someone it helped them to feel comfortable reading aloud and practicing their pronunciation of words.

Picking a stuffed animal friend

The kids were given an assortment of stuffed friends they could pick from before reading the plushies a book (also of the student's choosing). The kids were very excited to, "Adopt," a stuffed animal, and they were eager to help it, "Learn to read," via them telling it about their book! Reading is a fundamental skill and by giving the children partners to read with who wouldn't judge them for any mistakes (as they were stuffed animals) the kiddos could feel a lot more comfortable as they developed their literacy skills!

Source for photos: Schofield Early Childhood Center

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Stuffed Animal Pet Adoption and Reading Practice
July 20, 2021
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