Seed Germination

Sarah Woo
Seed Germination

Seed Germination

5years old kids joined the class and we learned about 'Seed germination'.

We talked about

- Plant life cycle

- Parts of a flower

- What does the plant need to grow

- How to grow a bean plant?

Pour some water into a jar with some cotton wool & beans in it.

And put the jar next to a window and watch them grow for three days.

After three days, when the beans grow and see some roots, it's ready to plant in a pot.


1. Put some cotton wool inside a jar

2. Put the beans in

3. Pour some water onto the cotton wool

4. Put the jar next to a window

5. Give them some water every day

- Clay art 'build a cactus'

We made our own beautiful cactuses!

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Seed Germination
July 30, 2023
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