Making Flower Seed Balls to Plant!

Making Flower Seed Balls to Plant!

Making Flower Seed Balls to Plant!

At Seedschool they made seed balls from old packets of wildflower seeds! The class didn't know how many would sprout, but the balls gave plenty of flowers a chance to grow. The plan was to make a tiny pocket prairie behind the school.

Materials needed for this craft

To make your own flower seed balls you will need the following:

*Wildflower seeds

*Potting soil

*Dry pottery clay


*A mixing bowl

*Cookie sheet

*Wax paper

How to make the flower seed balls

Follow these steps for the craft:

1.Line the cookie sheet with wax paper.

2.Mix the seeds and potting soil together in the bowl.

3. Add the dry pottery clay and mix it all together some more.

4. Slowly add water and mix while doing so until everything is a fine paste.

5. Pick up the blend and mix it into a ball.

6. Place the balls on the wax paper upon the cookie sheet.

7.Let the balls dry for a day or so.

8.Once the balls are dry you can plant them wherever you want!

Source for photos: Seedschool

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Making Flower Seed Balls to Plant!
March 27, 2021
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