Apple seed counting

Chantel Sampson
Apple seed counting

In our preschool apple unit one of the books we used was 10 Apples up on Top.

Each student was given a pile of laminated apples. Using laminated apples and raisins each student first laid out 10 apples in a row. They were then given their own bowl of raisins and together we added "seeds" to our apples from 1-10. We then matched the printed numerals above each tree.

On the second week with this activity, we only did the numbers from 1-5 but each student was given a white board marker that they could then use to write the numeral on their laminated apple after they counted their seeds. On the third week we added the numerals from 6-10.

Apple seed counting

We also used the song version (Link added) and used it as our Sing and Sign.

Sign Language signs taught: Apple, numbers from 1-10, top (T, more, tree, stop, fun, think, drop - Ten Apples Up on Top Song

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Apple seed counting
September 28, 2021
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