Snowflake-Themed Activity Ideas for Preschoolers

.Madison Wilson
Snowflake-Themed Activity Ideas for Preschoolers

Over in Flagstaff, Arizona, the Little Ivy Preschool for Girls talked all about snowflakes and icicles and then did some stellar activities themed for them!

They did an assortment of exciting undertakings such as creating snowflake patterns in a salt tray, decorating their own snowflakes by daubing paint on paper, and they also created paper Snowmen!

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One educational activity was making AABB patterns via using flashcards with snowflake and icicle patterns.

Even More Activities!

The students also pretended to use their bodies as if they were snowflakes and icicles in a pattern too; this served to demonstrate through their movement how real-life snowflakes and icicles both move and change. The students especially had fun creating icicle ribbon wands which they then used while dancing to some fun theme music! The class did a fun scientific activity as well where the kids observed an ice cube in various states throughout the day--whole, melting, and melted into a puddle of water. There were so many fun things the class did!

Little Ivy Preschool for Girls
Flagstaff, AZ, United States

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Snowflake-Themed Activity Ideas for Preschoolers
January 11, 2020
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