Snowflakes Theme Printables

Snowflakes Theme Printables

Snowflakes Theme Printables

These printables are great for incorporating into a themed day or week about snow and snowflakes. They utilize the subject of snow for a variety of fun and educational activities. Here are six different ones below!

Snowflakes Worksheets

1. The Life Cycle of a Snowflake

This printable makes a stellar hand-out to give students and then discuss the life cycle of a snowflake. It has five steps that loop in a never-ending fashion!

2. Types of Snowflakes

On this printable, the assorted types of snowflakes that exist are covered. Students may not realize how while to our eye all snowflakes look the same they are actually all unique and different. This printable helps teach them that!

3. Finish the Snowflake

For this printable students help trace the outline of a snowflake and then fill it in so that it is totally finished.

4. Fragments of Snowflakes

Pieces of the snowflakes are at the bottom of this worksheet and can be cut out and then pasted where they belong by students.

5. Snowflake Maze

The young child on this worksheet needs student's help to get back home through the snowflake maze! Students can draw the correct path through the snowflake to the cabin.

6. Snowflake Fortune Tellers

Children love making, "Fortune Tellers," out of pieces of paper and these can be folded so that they are themed for snowflakes!

7. Coloring Snowflakes

8. Various Snowflakes

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Snowflakes Theme Printables
January 19, 2020
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