STEAM Pendulum Painting Activity

STEAM Pendulum Painting Activity

STEAM Pendulum Painting Activity

At Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC, they did a fun STEAM art activity! They did pendulum painting and it was great fun to witness. The class was amazed at how the pendulum moved around thanks to the power of gravity making it move about.

Using a pendulum to paint

Before using the pendulum the class learned about how they work. They were told it is the force of gravity that allows the pendulum to convert kinetic energy into movement. It accelerates as it swings down thanks to gravity and this gives it the energy to swing up. After learning about this process, the children watched a pendulum filled with paint was set loose and swung back and forth dripping paint. It made some incredible designs as gravity moved it about!

Source for photos: Early Childhood Development Cener (ECDC)

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STEAM Pendulum Painting Activity
April 19, 2021
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