Summer 2022 in my school

Vilma veronica castellon Contreras
Summer 2022 in my school


After having received this course with my Observation instructor, I have learned that Observation is an important part of the Montessori curriculum, because through Observation Parents and we as teachers and caregivers of children can understand the needs of each child. one of them. Observation without interference can also help children gain a sense of independence and competence.

Through observation it is worth noting that we as caregivers must recognize that it is important that all Montessori programs are based on mixed age class groups of children. Also Environment prepared with Montessori materials, through them we can observe the repetition of each activity, movement and freedom of choice, independence and respect. It is important that we caregivers can stop to take some time to be able to have the privilege of observing each child in their progress or needs that they represent and we must do this periodically to keep track of their needs and get to know each student better.

Reading and learning from Maria Montessori I was able to understand that Montessori observed how children learned the language without anyone teaching them. This sparked the idea of ​​the "absorbent mind." Children under three years of age simply absorb everything that is in the environment by experiencing it as part of it.

All the work that Maria Montessori has done for children is wonderful. Thanks to her method, now many of us who study this method will be able to help many children, but I consider that observation is one of the most important requirements that we must take into account., since through it we will see what Maria Montessori really teaches us, in a classroom many events can happen with a child but through Observation we will become aware of its cause. always following the direction of the types of Observation and working within the Observation areas.

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Summer 2022 in my school
July 20, 2022
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