Teaching by modelling

Nathalie Tousignant
Teaching by modelling

I teach my students about letter sounds, words, beginning sounds, comma, caital, lowercase letters and plural sign.

etc by writing a text on the TBI.

I ask my students what they want to say, we plan our text.

Then before I write a word I ask them to sound it out.

Sometimes I ask them to come to the board and to spell a word or to circle a word that has been used in the text.

We also count our words,when the text is comlete.

When we are done writing, we read our text. I also publish their text on Google Classroom for the parents to see but also for them to be able to read it after class. They are all very proud of their texts and especially the one that is about themselve.

I think it is important to give them examples of real text and reason to write. I give information about the people I know and I questionne to know more in order to give the proper information.

Teaching by modelling
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Teaching by modelling
April 24, 2022
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