Trunk or Treat Ideas for Next Halloween

Trunk or Treat Ideas for Next Halloween

Trunk or Treat Ideas for Next Halloween

At Mirasol School, they marked the recent holiday of Halloween by having a Trunk or Treat event. This is when a bunch of cars are in a parking lot and children can go car-to-car getting candy. The cars are often decorated in clever ways too that can range from funny to spooky. Even though Halloween is now over, you can look at these images of the 2020 Halloween Trunk or Treat and get ideas for next year--it'll be time for the next Halloween before we know it!

Trunk or Treat Ideas

Besides the Spider-Man trunk at the top of the post and the zoo-themed trunk above, there were many stellar ideas! For example.

There were superheroes!

Unicorns appeared too.

There were trunks with cobwebs.

Trunks with castles as well!

One trunk was themed for the movie, "Tangled."

Another trunk was quite scary-looking!

There was a trunk with a dinosaur.

One trunk had a stuffed-bear hospital!

Another trunk was themed for being under the sea.

This above trunk had minions!

Everyone had such a great time doing a Trunk or Treat! Hopefully, these fun trunks have given you ideas for next year.

Source for photos: Mirasol School

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Trunk or Treat Ideas for Next Halloween
November 12, 2020
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