Turkey Fun

This week we worked our fine motor skills while celebrating turkeys in our classroom. We pulled the backs off of fall themed stickers, we buttoned feathers onto our felt turkeys, clipped feathers onto paper plate turkeys, dot painted our large turkey’s feathers, and placed glass gems on our light table turkey. These activities are getting those hand muscles moving in all sorts of ways.

Matching colors and pinching clothes pin feathers.

Felt turkeys with buttons sewn onto them. Felt feathers with button slips cut into them.

Working out buttoning skills.

Harvest stickers and felt turkeys. Some educators dismiss stickers, but the fine finger skills the children use to pull the sticker back off is pretty amazing and worth including them in the table top activities every now and then.

Pulling the sticker back off.

Reviewing our colors with turkeys.

Working those gripping muscles, as well as building early literacy skills.

Placing gems on the light table to create beautiful feathers.

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Author: Jenny Edwards

I have been teaching for twenty years, ten of those in Pre-K. Currently I have started a free preschool for students for families set in a community center. This is the second free preschool I have started. The first was set in a library and is award winning and has been nationally recognized. I delight in educating children and preparing a trusting, warm, and safe environment for them. It is a honor to be teaching our youngest scholars and setting them on their academic path. You can follow my Instagram and Facebook page: @FUNdamentalsofpreschool

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