Veterinarian Storytime

Donna Younce
Veterinarian Storytime

I work in a public library as Children's Librarian. I'm planning to do a veterinarian story time and wanted to show the kids about x-rays for different animals. This will teach the kids the importance of taking care of animals and how to know when their animals are sick or may need checkups. This will hopefully ease the anxiety associated with medical professionals to an extent. We plan to use these and a checklist for our junior vets to engage in play but also while learning. Working with young kids is always an enjoyment as we get to watch them learn without them even knowing that it's happening. I hop the kids will enjoy this activity as much as I have had the enjoyment of preparing this lesson. We plan to read Dr. DeSoto beforehand and then they can pretend to be veterinarians and diagnose the animals and then figure out ways to heal their furry friends.

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Veterinarian Storytime
March 23, 2023
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