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Water Cycle Experiment and Sensory Play

Water Cycle Experiment and Sensory Play

In our toddler class we have 9 two to five year old students. We've been learning about the water cycle and as a review, watched the whole thing play out. then played with "snow." We used a portable electrical burner and a pot with a clear glass lid. As the water heated up, the kids saw a cloud/fog form on the lid. Then tiny water droplets began to appear and bead up on the glass lid. As the minutes ticked by, the droplets continued to grow in size. We briefly took the lid off to see the vapor rising. Then we replaced the lid. As the water began to boil, the drops on the lid got so heavy they began to run down the glass lid or just drop back into the pot like rain.

We discussed how snow is sometimes formed instead of rain and then played with sensory bens with fake snow. Recipe for fake snow: 3 Cups of baking soda, 1/2 cup white conditioner. Mix well. Temperature is cool to the touch and holds together somewhat.

Water Cycle Experiment and Sensory Play
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Water Cycle Experiment and Sensory Play
December 7, 2023
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