Water Cycle Crafts

Water Cycle Crafts

Water Cycle Crafts

At Cranium Academy of Winter Garden, they did some water cycle crafts! It was great fun for all the students as they made a water cycle as a paper craft and simulated rainclouds with shaving cream.

Paper Water Cycle Craft

This paper water cycle craft involved making various little scenes out of construction paper. The children had a bright and shining sun, clouds made out of cotton balls, and big raindrops. The different scenes all looked great!

Shaving Cream Craft/Activity

The shaving cream craft involved filling a cup with dark blue water and putting the shaving cream atop it. The water absorbed into the shaving cream and turned it a dark blue color, like that of clouds filling with water that rain!

Source for photos: Cranium Academy of Winter Garden

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Water Cycle Crafts
March 23, 2021
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