Water Cycle-Themed Crafts

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Water Cycle-Themed Crafts

Water Cycle-Themed Crafts

At Amberwood Academy in Lauderhill, Florida they did a number of crafts relating to the water cycle and also incorporated their, "Number of the Week," into their activities, which was the number ten/10.

The water cycle is essentially made-up of the steps of evaporation, condensation, and then precipitation. In other words, water evaporates into the air, condenses into clouds, and eventually gets so condensed that is precipitates/rains.

Rain Cloud Craft

After learning about how the water cycle works and what precipitation was (clouds releasing water in the form of raindrops) students made their own clouds out of craft paper. They then colored the clouds to look dark and stormy, then made and pasted ten raindrops, so as to tie things in with their number of the week.

Rain Drops Craft

This craft also had the students make ten raindrops out of craft paper, but added in an extra creative step where they used cotton balls to make the clouds! The students ripped-up cotton balls and then glued them onto the their sheet to make a fluffy cloud which looked very realistic!

Water Cycle Craft

To create this craft students used a variety of materials to model the water cycle. They utilized cotton balls as discussed above, craft paper, crayons, and some used blue crepe paper as well (to model raindrops). Students used all these materials to show the water cycle of evaporation, followed by condensation, and then the final step of precipitation, before the cycle starts all over again!

So Many Great Crafts!

All of these crafts about the water cycle were popular with the students and hopefully will help inspire you to have your own class do crafts themed for the water cycle!

Amberwood Academy · Lauderhill, FL, United States

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Water Cycle-Themed Crafts
November 6, 2019
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