2 Fun Tree-Themed Crafts

2 Fun Tree-Themed Crafts

2 Fun Tree-Themed Crafts

At Basic Steps Preschool in Kent, they did two fun crafts themed for trees! The class discussed how trees are important (they make oxygen and some grow food for us) and then did the following two fun crafts below!

Crepe paper tree

For this craft, the students were given a black-and-white worksheet with the outline of a tree. They glued green crepe paper onto it so as to simulate the leaves of the tree. Then, once the glue dried, the kiddos colored the pictures with crayons so that they looked extra bright and lively!

Painted tree

To do this craft, students glued a popsicle to a big and thick circular piece of paper. Then, they used various shades of green paint to create what looked like a tree! The mixes of green made for fabulous works!

Source for pictures: Basic Steps Preschool in Kent

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2 Fun Tree-Themed Crafts
January 13, 2022
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