Outdoor Water Table and Sand Play

Outdoor Water Table and Sand Play

Outdoor Water Table and Sand Play

At Nature Discovery Preschool, they were happy the weather had been so nice for Spring and went outside to play with their water tables and sand!

Water and sand

The students had a fantastic time playing with the water tables. They used various toys and tools in the water table and used those items in the sand below the water table (it was in a sandbox). For extra fun and to encourage exploration, some of the water was drained from the water table onto and into the sand below. The kids loved examining with their eyes how the sand looked when it got wet and studying it with their hands. They observed how the water made the sand stick together and be easier to manipulate. Everyone loved being able to play in the water table and with the sand! It was a lovely way to spend a pleasant Spring day.

Source for photos: Nature Discovery Preschool

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Outdoor Water Table and Sand Play
April 15, 2021
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