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Joyce M
Autumn Fruits and Vegetables
For the entire month of October, we have been talking all about Autumn. This time we will talk about fruits and vegetables that can be frequently found and are abundant every Autumn season. At first, all I could think was just giving my students pictures of the different fruits and vegetables....


Theme: Autumn is Magical
Every change of the season, we take this opportunity to let our kids be aware of what's changing in our environment. For the recent change of season, it was autumn. We let them discover the change of colors on the leaves, different nuts falling from the tree, and cold temperature. On our...


Halloween Party!
Do you want some ideas for a halloween party? This is what we did in my 1 and 2 years old class. Basically, we combined our group and we planned to do the following: 1. Story telling about Halloween in United States and how Halloween is being celebrated. 2. A Fashion Show. 3. Is it a trick...


Little activities for rainy days
Are you ready for rainy days? Have you already prepared for it? Did you already buy the proper clothing for rainy days? If yes, then I am so happy that you are! These are our little preparation for rainy days. In my class, I introduce different things to be worn every time it rains. For...


Shapes and colors
The lesson was all about shapes and colors. It started with the circle time opening songs and after formal discussion. The teacher introduced first the different shapes such as the circle, rectangle, square, and diamond. Children listened to the story of every shape and they found it very...


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