"Studying Shapes With Kinders"

"Studying Shapes With Kinders"

As we began our study of shapes my students could name a circle and a square. Some knew a triangle and a rectangle but some still were not sure of the names of these shapes. We have done a few activities and added an oval, trapezoid, and a rhombus; I also introduces some 3-D shapes as we used spheres when we had snow- yes snowmen, with a cone for a nose- the carrot!

I am excited at how my students are now able to say the names of the shapes and being observant of the attributes of the different shapes. We are still working on the idea of flat shapes- 2-D and solid shapes- 3-D. As we come up on the 100th day of school I will give them 100 solid shapes to work on building something. I will also have some flat shapes that they can trace or glue to create a piece of art with 100 2-D shapes.

It is just exciting to work on a standard that "all" students seem to find success with and enjoy studying!

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"Studying Shapes With Kinders"
February 3, 2022
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