Learning About, Catching, and Studying Worms

Learning About, Catching, and Studying Worms

Learning About, Catching, and Studying Worms

At The Children's Preschool, they followed an emergent curriculum where the students helped determine what everyone learned about. The kids said they were interested in becoming informed about worms so the class worked to learn all about them before catching some and studying the worms!

Catching some worms

After reading books about worms and learning how they are found in the dirt, the children went outside and dug in the dirt to find some worms. They used their tools and eventually they did find some!

Studying the worms

The kids had a great time looking at the worms up close and (carefully) handling them.

Putting the worms back

After they looked at the worms, the kiddos put them back in the dirt and put some soil on top so the worms could slither away. It was so much fun studying worms!

Source for photos: The Children's Preschool

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Learning About, Catching, and Studying Worms
May 16, 2021
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