Studying Real Worms and Gummy Worms

Studying Real Worms and Gummy Worms

Studying Real Worms and Gummy Worms

At the Goddard School of Goodyear, Arizona, the kids were young biologists as they spent some time studying both real and living worms as well as some gummy worms.

Exercising their senses

The class discussed how we have different senses earlier in the week and used them while they studied both kinds of worms. They talked about how the real worms were slimy when they felt them and the gummy worms were sticky. They saw how the (living) worms wiggled. They also ate the gummy worms and discussed how they smelled sweet and tasted delicious! After the real worms were done being looked at the class helped set them free back in nature within some dirt. Looking at real worms and gummy worms was a fun scientific experiment!

Source for photos: The Goddard School

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Studying Real Worms and Gummy Worms
August 9, 2021
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