Painting With Archery for Preschoolers

.Evelyn Harris
Painting With Archery for Preschoolers

At Children's Paradise Preschool in Oceanside, California they had a segment where they learned all about Scottish culture!

They made Scottish-style desserts, painted their own shields made from cardboard, and wrote a story about family culture. They then did a fun archery activity with paint!

Painting With Archery

Real bows and arrows are far too dangerous for preschoolers, so they used kid-appropriate archery gear for this activity. It featured plastic bows and, "Arrows," that had suction cups as the tips. The students dipped their arrows in an assortment of colors they liked and proceeded to then fire their arrows from their bows at a large target-board piece of paper. The arrows would hit upon the paper and leave behind a splotch of the paint!

The kids kept taking turns to make the paper target bright and colorful with all their paints fired from their bows and arrows. It was a fun time and another fascinating aspect of Scottish culture to learn about!

Children's Paradise Preschool


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Painting With Archery for Preschoolers
May 2, 2020
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