Painting Flowers for Preschoolers

Painting Flowers for Preschoolers

Painting Flowers for Preschoolers

At Davinci Child Center, they worked with their littlest students to help them learn about and paint flowers and the older children painted a sheet with an outline as seen above; different ages did different activities!

Learning about flowers and painting outlines

The kiddos learned all about how flowers are bright to attract bees that help them to spread pollen. Then, the teachers laid out a big sheet of paper and drew an outline of flowers. Upon doing that, the children were given some paint and practiced their fine motor skills by trying to stay within the outline as they gave the flowers bright colors just like in real life!

Studying seeds

The students got to examine seeds from actual flowers as well. They were amazed to learn that big, bright, and beautiful flowers eventually emerged from tiny little seeds!

Source for photos: Davinci Child Center

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Painting Flowers for Preschoolers
June 25, 2021
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