Painting Multitextured Flowers with Recycled Materials

Painting Multitextured Flowers with Recycled Materials

Painting Multitextured Flowers with Recycled Materials

At Little Seeds Children's Center, they had fun painting multitextured flowers! It was a stellar class activity and everyone enjoyed exploring the paints with their recycled materials that made stellar brushes

Painting and exploring

The students read, "Lola Plants a Garden," and then the children used different unique brushes and paint mixed with glue to create unique textures for their flowers. The kids had a great time using unique brushes in the form of toilet paper rolls, glue brushes, and other interesting items. The different items made them able to create unique designs. It was a beautiful process and resulted in some fantastic creations. The class loved it!

Source for photos: Little Seeds Children's Center

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Painting Multitextured Flowers with Recycled Materials
April 17, 2021
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