Bat Worksheets

Bat Worksheets

Bat Worksheets

Bats are often associated with Halloween and with that in mind these free printables make great worksheets to use with your classroom to cover a wide-range of educational topics! By incorporating bats students can have some seasonal fun while they are learning.

Free Printables

Cut and Paste Worksheet

For this worksheet students can trace the words, "This is a Bat," as well as cut and paste the letters for, "BAT," in the proper order. Once done with these steps students can color the bat as well!

Bat Number Line

To do this worksheets students both trace the numbers that are pictured on the bats and fill-in the blank spots with the numbers that should be there. For example, after tracing a 1 and a 3 students should realize that the number 2 needs to be written between them.

Bat Shapes Worksheet

All the bats are different shapes! To keep track of them students need to use the corresponding color that goes with each shape (circles are blue, squares are pink, rhombuses are yellow, and triangles are green).

Label the Bat

This bat anatomy worksheet requires the labels be cut-out and then pasted in the proper spot to have the correct body parts pointing where they belong on the bat.

Bat Craft

This craft makes a bat via taking the rectangle provided, rolling it into a cylinder, and then gluing the rest of the parts provided onto it so that a cute bat is created!

How to Download for Free!

Should you want to download the file package you do have an option to do so at no cost to you!  Click here to learn how to download all 5 sheets for free!

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Bat Worksheets
October 16, 2019
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