Bee Parts and Spreading Pollen

Stephanie M Jones
Bee Parts and Spreading Pollen

Bee Parts and Spreading Pollen

My science class enjoyed learning about bees. We studied the parts of bees and how they are helpful to the environment. They are very important to for flower reproduction. They spread pollen from flower to flower.

We began by discussing the types of bees (worker, queen, etc.). We covered the life cycle of bees. Then we created flowers from construction paper. The teacher flower was bigger with a canning lid in the center. Inside the canning list I placed crushed up cheetos to represent pollen. We then created their bees. Using a popsicle stick we hot glued 3 yellow pompoms (to represent the three body sections). We added pipe cleaner legs. Then they "flew" they bee into the pollen on my flower. After visiting my flower they flew back to their own. They were able to see how the "pollen" stuck to the bees legs and spread to their own flower.

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Bee Parts and Spreading Pollen
May 16, 2023
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