Brainstorm story activity

Kailyn Curry
Brainstorm story activity


This brainstorm story activity was made in google docs, used for a comic book camp but could easily be used in a classroom setting! Easy to use, bold letters, encourages children to think outside of the box when developing stories for creative writing lessons. reminds them to use who what where why how! Encourages them to think of events, using problem and solution. Like I said, I made it for a comic summer camp, and I am excited to use it with the kid's! It will be awesome to see what stories they create using different things that they learned about in school. Cause and effect can also be added into setting! There's also a spot for them to brainstorm characters in their story. a;; around can be used to help get their brain working, thinking about each element for their story, i am pairing it with a storyboard template I found online so they can use this brainstorm activity to draw/ write out their story!

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Brainstorm story activity
July 9, 2022
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