Cherry blossom art/Japanese LOTE activity

Giovanna Purchase
Cherry blossom art/Japanese LOTE activity

Cherry blossom art/Japanese LOTE activity

A great way for students to explore and appreciate other cultures like Japan. This activity can be done as an art or Japanese lesson format, exploring spring, cool colours, various painting techniques, festivals and nature.

Students have fun using the straw to blow the branches and see what transpires. Great for those energetic minds and students who are hands on practical learners.

Portrait orientation about half the size of an A4 paper or A3 in width for a dramatic effect.

Colour wash light blue acrylic paint. Apply few drops of watered down brown paint, blow with straw to create branches. With dry paint brush apply pink and white paint the flowers using the stipple method.

After drying can glue either two Dowling rods top and bottom or construct from thicker paper/cardboard a slender rectangular piece painted to finish off with a ribbon tied to both ends at the top so it looks like a scroll.

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Cherry blossom art/Japanese LOTE activity
August 4, 2021
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