Chicken-Themed Posters for Display in the Classroom

Chicken-Themed Posters for Display in the Classroom

These for chicken-themed posters are fantastic for using in your classroom to discuss the fascinating creatures that are chickens!

Body Parts of Chicken

This poster illustrates and discusses all the parts of the chicken from the comb to the legs! It is a fantastic way to talk about all the aspects of the chicken!

Chicken Egg

On this poster is a break-down of all the parts found in a chicken egg (before a chick starts growing inside). This is a fantastic poster for gaining an understanding of the interior of eggs!

Chicken Life Cycle

Upon this poster is an illustration of the life cycle of a chicken! From a little egg to a chick, to a fully-grown chicken who then lays eggs so that the cycle continues!

Egg Hatching Counting

For this poster, there are four steps students can count-up for the hatching of a baby chick! This poster serves as a clever way to count and learn about how chicks hatch!

How to Download the Files

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Chicken-Themed Posters for Display in the Classroom
March 2, 2020
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