Color Recognition Activity

Sun Lei
Color Recognition Activity

Our Preschool students, ages three and four, use their hands to construct flowers for Mother's Day. It is a seemingly simple task to do but is a multisensory activity for Pre-schoolers.

It is both a sensory and spatial activity because they get to hold paint which has a slimy feel. Some kids are not used to the texture of paint therefore find it uncomfortable or "dirty", but helping them put paint on their hands helped lessen the queasiness they felt. As the children have to put their hands on the right place on the image, their spatial ability is also developed.

The children realize that they do not have the same hand sizes, that some of them have bigger or smaller hands than theirs. Therefore Math is also incorporated.

This activity targets color recognition as well because as they get to choose the colors to use, they also identify it.

Color Recognition Activity
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Color Recognition Activity
July 13, 2021
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