Color Sorting with Buttons

Tracey Lee Tolson
Color Sorting with Buttons

Color Sorting with Buttons


We are working hard in our classroom sorting. Sorting is a pre math skill that forms a foundation for many other skills. We have sorted buttons, frogs, bears, rocks and many other manipulatives. We sort by size, color, shape and how things are used. We have had so much fun and have learned a lot with our sorting activities. This activity will continue from the beginning of the year to the end of the with increasing complexity. I hope to provide my young learning with a strong math foundation by planning these fun and much needed sorting activities. Sorting is included in the Pre-Kindergarten math competencies and I hope all of my three year old students will be able to master this skill. I will be browsing many other websites and resources to gain more printable and 3-D activities to include in my sorting stations across the curriculum,

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Color Sorting with Buttons
April 19, 2021
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