Making Bouquets of Flowers For Color-Sorting Fun!

Making Bouquets of Flowers For Color-Sorting Fun!

Making Bouquets of Flowers For Color-Sorting Fun!

At The Giving Tree Preschool, they discussed how flowers are often associated with holidays such as the recently-passed Valentine's Day and also are associated with the Springtime when they bloom. Considering how cold and snowy it has been in many places lately, the kiddos were excited to do a flower-themed activity with faux-flowers!

Sorting colors in flower-form

The students had a lot of fun making bouquets of flowers that fit different themes. Sometimes they were asked to use only primary colors (red, blue, yellow) other times they were told to use, "Warm," or, "Cool," colors. They also were allowed to just make their own cool assemble of flowers if they felt like it too. The bouquets everyone made were gorgeous and they learned a lot about colors!

Source for photos: The Giving Tree Preschool

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Making Bouquets of Flowers For Color-Sorting Fun!
February 19, 2021
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