Dental Health Graph Activity With a Rolling Cube

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Dental health is extremely important and by making learning about it a fun activity, that can assist in students being interested in why dental health is so key.

This dental health activity has students roll a cube and then note down on a graph how many times they rolled each various image about dental health within a time limit (maybe 5 minutes). They can record anywhere from zero times (by not filling in a spot on the graph) to up to 10 times.

Dental Health Graph and Cube Printables

Below are the dental health graph and the print-out of the cube that can be glued or taped together so that it is easy to roll. Both the cube and graph show various aspects of dental health: A smiling mouth, a happy tooth, toothpaste, a toothbrush, an unhappy/unhealthy tooth, and water for rinsing. Students can take turns rolling the cube within the set time-limit and recording on the graph what number of results they received from their rolling. They learn about dental health, graphing, and work on their counting–a great combination!

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