Easter Craft and Activities

How to make simple paper chicken?

Just cut two circle using yellow coloured paper, cut into 1/4 and fall forward.

U may paint the background or use coloured paper to make the background.

If you are looking for an easy craft during Easter for kids, this toilet paper rolls is perfect! Save lots of toilet rolls at home, these will become a very useful craft in future.

How to make Easter bunny from recycled toilet paper roll?

Things to prepare includes:

– Toilet paper roll

– Fruit net wrapper (Bunny’s ears)

– Googly eyes

– Two small rectangular white paper (Bunny’s teeth)

– 4-6 long rectangular black color paper or felt paper (Bunny’s whiskey)

– Colour Poms poms

– Glue and scissors


Glue them together following the example as shown. Enjoy!



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