Experimenting With Dry Ice

Experimenting With Dry Ice

Experimenting With Dry Ice

At Horizon Montessori School, they did a science experiment with dry ice.

All about dry ice

Dry ice is a fascinating substance that is either solid or it dissolves into what looks like a foggy substance--it does not have a liquid state! As dry ice can be dangerous to touch with bare hands the children did not actually touch the dry ice itself, they used tongs to handle the dry ice. They loved studying how it worked!

A foggy haze

The foggy haze that dry ice makes when it dissolves was really cool to witness. After the kids carefully removed dry ice from the trays they would move their hands around in the remaining fog. It was really cool to witness! This dry ice activity was really cool and the class had fun while learning.

Source for photos: Horizon Montessori School

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Experimenting With Dry Ice
January 10, 2022
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