Experimenting with the Water Freezing Process and Ice

Experimenting with the Water Freezing Process and Ice

Experimenting with the Water Freezing Process and Ice

At The Roose Early Explorers, they learned about how when it gets cold enough, water freezes and turns into ice. They did a science project based on this knowledge. After learning that as long as the temperature is 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius, the kids got to freeze some water themselves!

The freezing process

To do the freezing process, the kiddos took muffin tins. Then, they filled them with items found in nature. After that, they filled the tins with water. Next, the tins were put outside to sit overnight after everyone went home for the day. The next morning, the kids returned and saw the water had frozen, freezing all of the little items inside too! It was so impressive to see the leaves and sticks frozen in the water. After bringing the muffin tins into the warm classroom, the ice began to crack and melt because it was above the freezing temperature.

Source for photos: The Roost Early Explorers

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Experimenting with the Water Freezing Process and Ice
February 2, 2021
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