Fun Fall Festival Ideas for the Classroom

Fun Fall Festival Ideas for the Classroom

Fun Fall Festival Ideas for the Classroom

At Johns Creek Presbyterian Preschool, they had a lovely Fall festival! These Fall festivals can be a stellar way to close out a month such as October or welcome the month of November (or anytime in November before it gets too cold and snowy! The activities everyone did were great for the Fall months!

Pumpkin decorating

The children did some no-mess decorating of pumpkins by sticking pins and other items on them!

Bean bag toss

The little ones tossed bean bags into plastic pumpkin trick-or-treat containers and some kids had some stellar aim!

Fall picture frames

One pleasant craft was making picture frames theme for the Fall season which the kids' families could use to put a picture in.

Pumpkin ring toss

Everyone threw plastic rings that went around the pumpkins.

Scarecrow mask craft

The last activity the children had a great time with was making scarecrow masks. All of these fun Fall festival ideas can be done with your kids too!

Source for photos: Johns Creek Presbyterian Preschool

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Fun Fall Festival Ideas for the Classroom
November 8, 2020
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