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Fall Classroom Decor Ideas

Fall Classroom Decor Ideas

Fall Classroom Decor Ideas

These pictures make fantastic door decor!

They can be printed upon an A4 or A3 sheet and then used to decorate gift cards, made into bookmarks, put-up as a general piece of classroom decor (or incorporated into a sketch) and work great for decorating doors with a touch of Fall as well!

Scarecrow and Jack O' Lanterns

This image has a scarecrow and some smiling Jack O' Lanterns that work great for the month of October and how it is often full of pumpkins!


This turkey is a fantastic piece of decor to utilize in November--the month of Thanksgiving.

Owl, Acorns, and Squirrel

If you want a piece of decor that works for all the months of Fall this one is superb as it covers all the things we associate with Fall without applying to a specific month. It has an owl, a tree full of acorns, a squirrel, and some colorful leaves as well.

Monsters and Bats

When we think of Halloween we often think of bats and monsters--thankfully these bats and monsters are not too scary so they make a stellar addition to your classroom's decor!

Ghosts and a Haunted House

Another Halloween-themed piece of decor, there are creepy ghosts and a haunted house to help put everyone in the spooky spirit!

Also Fall-Themed Number Puzzles

See more here:

Total 10 sheets

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Fall Classroom Decor Ideas
September 21, 2019
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