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Indoor Plant Care

Sandra Vagale
Indoor Plant Care

Indoor Plant Care

Winter is a good time to draw children's attention to indoor plants - their names and how to properly care for them, because they can and do it every day.

First, let's find out why flowers and trees aren't blooming outside right now? What do they need to grow? Why do they grow well in the room all year round?

This is followed by looking at the plants in the room and finding out their names. Children are invited to attach a note with a label to each plant, which describes the name of this plant and makes it easier to remember its name.

Then it's definitely time to move and we act out a scene with movements and dancing about how a small seed grows into a plant. Everyone imagines what kind of indoor plant they could be, why?

In the final part, work and tools are distributed - loosening the soil, cleaning plant leaves, watering plants with vitaminized water.

May you also have beautiful plants growing and blooming in your room!

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Indoor Plant Care
January 18, 2023
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