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Jolly Phonics /c/

cha bayoneto
Jolly Phonics /c/

I introduce the letter 'C' and its corresponding phonics sound in a lively and interactive manner using a caterpillar-themed activity. I also incorporate a short song or chant that emphasizes the 'C' sound. Encourage the children to move and dance along to the rhythm. By combining storytelling, hands-on crafting, and interactive games, this lesson aims to make phonics learning enjoyable and memorable for the children. The caterpillar theme adds an element of fun, making the learning experience both educational and entertaining. I also include sorting uppercase and lowercase letter Cc using Candies with big and small Cc then the kids put it in the jar that has big c and small c label on it. With caterpillar theme lesson I also had the Number Order Caterpillar activity wherein the students order the number 1-7 correctly to have a nice colorful caterpillar.

Jolly Phonics /c/
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Jolly Phonics /c/
November 10, 2023
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