Phonics fun with sound "S"

Watunya Chen
Phonics fun with sound "S"

Phonics fun with sound  "S"

The basic thing to study English is Phonic.So, I taught my students with an easy sound with "S". Let they made a sound of snake "sssssss" with used "S" song from Jolly Phonics (The snake is on the grass. The snake is on the grass. /sssss!/ /sssss?. The snake is on the grass.) while we sang the song we waved a hand like a snake moving. after that we learned about "S" words; the words that start with "s". After they knew what "s" sound is.Then, I used a worksheet to review what they learn for today, Is they understand or not?. The worksheet has many activities for learning such as coloring the sanake,and find the pictures which has "s" sound.

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Phonics fun with sound "S"
August 14, 2023
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