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Learning Word Family Phonics

Learning Word Family Phonics

Learning Word Family Phonics

Familiarized students with letter sounds and teach them to learn reading using word family. WHAT ARE PHONICS WORD FAMILIES? Word families, also known as phonograms, are groups of words that follow the same spelling pattern. For example, can, van, fan, pan, man, ban, and tan are all spelled with a beginning consonant and -an. One of the first families to teach is -at. Once students can identify the letters and their sounds, it is as simple as changing the first letter of the word to make several other words. Examples of words in the -at family are bat, cat, hat, fat, mat, sat, etc. One of the best ways to bring highly-engaging word family practice to your classroom is through centers! By using hands-on centers as part of the learning process, your students will be more engaged and often won't even realize they are learning! Enjoy learning.

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Learning Word Family Phonics
January 19, 2023
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