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Learning the Color Yellow "Rain of Stars"

Sandra Vagale
Learning the Color Yellow "Rain of Stars"

For the lesson, the teacher has prepared a yellow box of things, he is dressed in yellow, and the children have yellow masks - chicks, bees and ducklings. Yellow toys and games are associated with the color yellow.

Learning the Color Yellow "Rain of Stars"

First, look at your clothes to see if there is anything yellow. Children are invited to put on yellow masks and today they are the corresponding animals in the lesson. Together they look at what is yellow around the room.

Create a circle together and put things from the yellow box in the middle of the circle. Make up a song about the color yellow: "Yellow, yellow - what is yellow?" When the song stops, everyone takes a yellow thing from the middle of the circle and names it.

The sequel is a fairy tale with toys. The tale is about the musical note Mi, which is also yellow, and joy, which is also yellow, and another thing that is yellow.

Children divide into groups of 2-3 and work in interest centers, but everything is connected with the color yellow - sensory exploration of the bottle, drawing, building from blocks, the developing board game "Build your star", etc.

We wish you interesting ideas and successful lessons with children!

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Learning the Color Yellow "Rain of Stars"
January 25, 2023
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