Learning to Play the Xylophone During Music Time!

Learning to Play the Xylophone During Music Time!

Learning to Play the Xylophone During Music Time!

At First Presbyterian Church Day School, the class learned to play the xylophone! Everyone was excited to be instructed on how to play, "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star," and they enjoyed doing so with their instruments!

How the song works

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star uses six of the seven notes in a scale, making it a nice piece for learning notes and becoming familiar with any particular key. If a student starts with the key of C they go up and down the scale as they play the song and carefully learn how to hit each note. The students were eager to try and correct themselves anytime they made a mistake, and they did a fantastic job playing the notes and learning on the xylophone--the fact it labeled the notes was helpful for the kids as they learned how to play the song correctly!

Source for photos: First Presbyterian Church Day School

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Learning to Play the Xylophone During Music Time!
September 17, 2021
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