Mr. Potato Head for Music Class

Phyllis Brixey
Mr. Potato Head for Music Class

I will be using the pictures of the "Mr. Potato Head" parts for a song in my 1st grade music class. The parts of Mr. Potato Head will be printed on cardstock and then laminated. This will make them more durable. I will use magnets on the back of each piece so they can be added to the body on the magnetic board. Each student will receive a "part" at the beginning of the song: eyes, ears, arms, hat, mustache, feet and hat.

I will sing, "Who has the eyes?" They will stand and respond, "I have the eyes!" Since there are 2 arms, sometimes there will be 2 singing together. This activity will allow us to talk about solo voice and singing with others. And we will learn music terms like: solo and duet. After the student responds with their "part", they can come to the board and add that "part" to Mr. Potato Head's body.

The song is from the MusicPlay Online curriculum from

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Mr. Potato Head for Music Class
February 18, 2022
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