Make a Magic Potion just like a witch

Make a Magic Potion just like a witch

For Halloween, my house turned like a witch workshop.

I welcome 6 kids from 5 to 6 years old. I asked them to be in a Halloween costume.

We started the day with books about Halloween and more particulary witches making their potion.

I made a potion book and every kid could pick her/his favorite one. After that, they had to find the right potion written down the book and follow the directions :

1 glass of., 2 teaspoons of. , 1 pinche of etc. as they can't read yet I put images to indicate the right quantity.

There were candies (for the heart, spices, aromatic herbs, colored water (sometimes I had glitters in the water, jell'o.

The kids were very in fond of that activity !

you can print more beautiful labels for the potions from Internet and I made my book from Canva.

It took me between 2h and 3h preparing everything.

Make a Magic Potion just like a witch
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Make a Magic Potion just like a witch
July 28, 2023
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