My Home Theme_Things At Home

Corrine Goh
My Home Theme_Things At Home

Pupils may learn the things at home according to the parts of the home. In the lesson, teachers will first introduce the parts at home and ask them to think of the objects in each parts of home. Pupils can come in front of the class to share their own ideas about the things they have at home for each parts. After teacher teaches about the things at each parts of home based on the model of home, then pupils are given chances to choose pictures and put in the correct parts. Through participation and engagement with pupils, they are able to grasp the concepts easily.

For my class, all the pupils are excited when teacher shows them the big house model. They can classify the things according to the parts of home correctly by using this fun and interactive teaching method. At the end of the class, teacher had a quiz with the pupils, most of them are able to answer the quiz correctly. Thus, other teachers can have a try by doing a model of house when teachers teach on my home theme especially for preschool.

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My Home Theme_Things At Home
April 25, 2021
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