Observing the shadow when an object block light source

Observing the shadow when an object block light source

A shadow is created when an object blocks light from a light source. Shadow created by the sun change shape and length throughout the day as the Earth rotates on an axis, the relative position of the sun changes in the sky. The size and direction of the shadow created by the sun will also change seasonally anywhere on Earth except along the equator.

This is a very simple activity where you don't have to do any preparation at all.

Just grab any toys or blocks, block the light source to get the shadow.

This activity can be enjoy outdoor with direct sunlight. Trace shadow on a hard, smooth surface like concrete, brick or wood.

No sun or can't go outside? No problem! Stay indoor and use flashlight/ lamp/ light bulb instead.

Optional: Use the tape measure or ruler to measure the length of your shadow from different time during the day and compare them.

Observing the shadow when an object block light source
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Observing the shadow when an object block light source
October 23, 2020
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