Owl Craft for Kids

When it comes to animal craft, I believe kids of all ages will adore crafting an owl. Once done, it can be an adorable decoration used during fall or around Halloween.

How to make a cute and easy owl Craft using household items and common art suplies?

Let’s get started!

Things to prepare include:

– Disposable Paper plates

– Color paper

– Googly eyes

– Colourful buttons

– Color corrugated paper

Following the example shown, a cute owl is produced! You can easily used as a group projects in school.


Below show another simple craft that can be done with kids of all ages!

Things needed to make this graduation owl includes:

– Used cloth

– Color or white paper

– Lace or Gauze

– Tissue box

Done! Enjoy! I’m sure u all will be able to craft a better different owl with these ideas.


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