Play-Doh Fluffy Chicks Activity

Play-Doh Fluffy Chicks Activity

Play-Doh Fluffy Chicks Activity

At Alphabet Tree Childcare-Preschool, they did a fun activity themed for Springtime! When it is Spring the eggs laid by chickens often hatch into cute little chicks! In honor of these chicks, students used yellow Play-Doh and various accessories to make their own fluffy chicks!

Materials needed for this activity

To do your own Play-Doh fluffy chicks activity you will need the following:

*Yellow Play-Doh (you can buy some or make your own)

*Yellow feathers (these can often be bought at a craft store)

*Googly eyes

*Craft sticks

How to do this activity

To make your Play-Doh fluffy chicks follow these steps:

1. Take a chunk of Play-Doh and lay it on your table/plate/etc.

2. Flatten your Play-Doh into a nice little circle--like a chick.

3. Stick feathers into your chick.

4. Put some googly eyes onto your chick.

5. Place a craft stick onto your chick--this is the beak.

6. Show everyone your Play-Doh fluffy chick!

Source for photos: Alphabet Tree Childcare-Preschool

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Play-Doh Fluffy Chicks Activity
April 14, 2021
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